About CPR Certification Baton Rouge

At CPR Certification Baton Rouge, students will engage in a realistic life-saving learning experience. A combination of learning aids including informative videos, slides and real life scenario stories, along with hands-on skills practice will allow each student to gain the confidence and knowledge needed in an emergency situation. In our CPR classes, we welcome all communities from a first time CPR learner, a healthcare student, industrial professional, to an experienced medical expert with consecutive BLS renewals. Each student will gain valuable knowledge and confidence to perform BLS and CPR the correct way.

Our Instructors work with each student in the skills practice scenarios to ensure they are using the correct technique to effectively perform CPR, the use of an AED and First Aid. Throughout the course, Instructors and Students discuss different types of emergencies, and how to be a confident first responder in any situation.

There is a difference in checking the box so the skill is complete, and then there is completing the skill to check the box. While the definitions may be alike, the results are very different. Our students will surely notice and appreciate the difference!

We are continuously adjusting to meet the changing needs of today’s healthcare environment but we always see to it that we treat each student with courtesy, respect, and offer a genuine dedication to their success.